Are You A Part of the Awakening?
Are You A Part of the Awakening?
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Atlanteans return

In 1901 the prophet and healer Edgar Cayce began his career of offering clairvoyant readings to over 14,000 clients. Mixed within these pearls of insight and advice, one concept he eventually revealed was that of the lost continent of Atlantis, a civilization which existed more than 50,000 years ago, and after a series of cataclysms was finally destroyed around 10,000 B.C. Cayce predicted through his readings that Atlantis would rise again. More importantly, however, than the actual land mass being revealed (which many believe happened in 1968, near the Bahamas in Bimini), he also was very clear that a number of his clients were actually souls returning to the Earth from their Atlantean past. And, he said, more would eventually come.

Since Edgar Cayce's time, many authors have reverberated this concept of numerous soul's coming or returning to earth. In fact, it is purported that is why there are so many people here on the planet at this time. Dolores Cannon, an author and developer of the hypnosis technique QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), wrote in her books about the 3 waves of volunteers coming to earth from a variety of different physical and dimensional locations within the universe. Each of these groups were spread out around 10 to 15 years apart, and the purpose of these arrivals was to make ready for the changing vibrational frequencies our planet is currently and will continue to be going through. According to some, there has never before been a time when an entire species on a planet experienced a conscious awakening, all at once. This factor has made Earth a highly sought out location for incarnation at this time. Indeed, it seems that Earth is "the place to be."

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